Stopping Reckless Spending

Our federal government’s spending over the last several years has ballooned out of control. Our national debt stands at an all-time high of more than $17 trillion. Scott Garrett recognizes that every dollar Washington spends is a dollar first earned by taxpayers. Since first going to Congress, Scott has worked tirelessly to end irresponsible spending, allow Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money, and force the government to live within a budget, just like taxpayers do.

Creating Jobs

A strong economy is a job-creating economy. When hard-working Americans are struggling to find work, it’s a sign our nation needs to get its economic house in order—and paralyzing small businesses with burdensome regulations isn’t the answer. Scott Garrett has worked consistently to advance economic growth and job creation, including ensuring America’s small businesses—the backbone of our economy—have the tools and resources they need to keep employees and create new jobs.

Protecting Our Healthcare

Few things are as important as access to quality health care. Despite Washington bureaucrats’ promises, our health care system is ailing. Scott Garrett believes in health care that puts patients first, protects health care choices, safeguards the most vulnerable and encourages innovation to discover life-saving cures. Washington bureaucrats don’t know your health care history, and they shouldn’t be controlling your health care future.

Defending Our Nation

The threats against our nation are real. Scott Garrett has worked to make sure our men and women in uniform have the tools they need to accomplish the mission of keeping America safe. He firmly believes that before any troops are sent into harm’s way, the mission must be clear, and he has led efforts to guarantee our nation’s military will not be sent into war without Congressional authorization.

Serving Our Veterans

We owe our liberty to our veterans, and Scott Garrett believes our nation has a duty to ensure our veterans have the very best in care and support. Anything less is unacceptable. Scott led the New Jersey delegation in demanding answers to reports of systemic problems in the VA, and he is committed to serving our veterans, just as they have so honorably served our nation.

Educating our Children

Quality education for our children is critical to our nation’s future. Scott Garrett believes parents and teachers know more about educating their children than Washington bureaucrats do. Efforts to centralize education in the hands of government--like Common Core--have failed our students and will continue to fail them if we allow it. Our children deserve better. Returning education decisions to the hands of states, localities, parents and teachers will give our kids the true opportunity to learn, achieve and excel.

Protecting New Jersey’s Beauty

Scott Garrett grew up in New Jersey’s Fifth District and raised his family here, experiencing and enjoying our state’s natural beauty. He has worked diligently in Congress to safeguard our environment, including co-sponsoring legislation to protect tens of thousands of acres of open space and forests. The Garden State’s unparalleled beauty has long been home to Scott, and he is committed to seeing it preserved for future generations.