DUI which is driving under the influence is one of the most common traffic offenses drivers face. However, contrary to what most people think, driving under the influence is not associated with just alcohol. Other situations may prompt a driver to face DUI charges. This article shows some of the instances that may cause a DUI charge.

Factors that lead to DUI charges

Drug intoxication

Besides alcohol, other substances of illegal nature may amount to the charges. However, there is a wide variety of drugs, and their legality varies from one state to another because of the different laws that govern an area. Sometimes, prescribed drugs that may cause intoxication may put you in trouble. Alcohol is the leading cause of a DUI charge, but you risk being charged if caught under the influence of any other drug that may cause intoxication.

Possession of drugs

You should keep in mind that possession of drugs in your car while driving is not a good idea. This is because if a traffic officer stops you and suspects that you are under the influence of anything, they will search for evidence. When pulled over for suspicion, it is their right to search your car and if they find anything illegal and your driving was questionable, you might be faced with DUI charges, and that may lead to an arrest.

Risky or suspicious driving behavior

Another fact about DUI cases is that offenses can occur for motorists whose alcohol content in the blood is not above 0.8 in some cases. You can be slapped with a DUI arrest if an officer notices some funny driving behaviors that could suggest that you are intoxicated. Some of these behaviors include trying to make turns that are either too wide or too narrow. Also, slow driving is an indication of driving while under the influence. Other funny driving behaviors include dangerous driving and sometimes crashing into things and people, sudden breaking that is too frequent and driving on center lines.

Responsible driving is important because it will help individuals to keep off legal issues. Sticking to rules and regulations will help you to avoid DUI charges, but if faced with the charges, it is best to seek legal help. This is because a professional attorney can help with the case dismissal if you were wrongfully arrested. The cases can be severe therefore hiring a good attorney with experience is encouraged.