Detecting Nursing Home Abuse Care

If you have a loved one in a nursing home center, you have every reason to be concerned about nursing home abuse. A lot of families do not think about such issues. They believe their loved one is getting proper treatment and being monitored closely by the staff. You should note that nursing homes are understaffed and the available employees stressed and overworked. This makes it a breeding ground for abuse towards helpless patients.

Physical abuse
This is the first type of abuse that occurs in nursing homes. It can include battery and assault carried out by an employee who has an emotional problem or mental problem. In this case, an employee wants to take out his or her problem out on your loved one. It may also include unauthorized or unreasonable restraining of a patient. Also, failure to medicate or feed the patient properly amounts to physical abuse. Check whether the patient has injuries which cannot be explained. You can also ask the patient directly whether he or she has been abused in the nursing home.

Verbal abuse
Other than physical abuse, verbal abuse is another common form of abuse that is prevalent in nursing homes. In fact, this type of abuse can be harmful and devastating to a patient’s condition. If a patient becomes noticeably withdrawn all of sudden, then there is something wrong on the part of staff conduct. Also, the patient may start to behave nervously. In fact, even a caring and loving relative can suddenly turn vicious and mean towards his or her family.

This is another form of abuse that is common in nursing homes. Remember that a patient requires certain items for his or her everyday living. These items include cleansing, food, and grooming products. If a nursing home does not provide these, then that should be considered as neglect. Moreover, if the room the patient resides in is nasty and unsafe, then your loved one is neglected. If a patient requires medical attention, then the nursing staff ought to address the situation. A patient who is undernourished is neglected.

You should note that nursing home abuse can cause serious issues. It is mainly dependent on the extent of the abuse. In fact, the dangers of untreated bed sores in a nursing home can be fatal. One devastating and frightening incident is the death of a patient under neglectful circumstances. Ensure you monitor your loved one who is in a nursing home.